In daily life, Yoga helps the person to attain a relaxed state of mind. It provides the aspirant vitality, vigor and zest to carry out his life. All negative blocks in the mind are removed. The body is cleansed of all the impurities and toxins. Personal power is enhanced by the practice of yoga. One learns to identify their own inner resources and draw upon the energy needed from their own inner sources. It helps one to increase his or her awareness, i.e. self-awareness. It helps in attention focus and concentration.

The whole science of yoga has one view in common-to gain health, personal power, to develop knowledge and attain peace of mind. It also reduces stress, tension in the physical body, activates the parasympathetic nervous system. With these aims and objective I A O Y conducts Yoga Training Programs for teachers, doctors, corporate persons, police men, police officers, army, army officers, media persons and other Groups. It provide Yoga education to children of all communities irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed in general and to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country through all-round physical, intellectual, academic, moral and spiritual development based on valued derived from the life.

Indian Association of Yoga conducts various workshops and Yoga Training Programs for the aspirants, academics and Executives. It includes various organizations of corporate sector, Academic institutions and Health centers.

IAOY conducts 5 days, 10 days & 200 Hours Yoga Teachers training program in various Yoga centers in India. Several regional and state centers are involved in this holy program since a longer time. IAOY provides individual Yoga training with the help of registered Yoga instructor to the aspirant on their demand in various cities as well.

To join the training program or conduct program at your own place write to the Training cell of IAOY


Indian Association of Yoga with its headquarters located in New Delhi, is an international organization engaged in propagating the academic, therapeutic and research application of yoga.



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